Cult Epics has licensed the following punk rock documentaries “Knocking’ on Herman’s Door” – The unseen Cha-Cha (2022) featuring Herman Brood, Nina Hagen, Lena Lovich by Stefano Bertacchini and “Surf Punks” (1981) by the cameraman of Cha Cha: Frans Bromet featuring Suicidal Tendencies, 45 Grave, The Germs. Coming soon!

We are currently producing the Blu-ray & DVD of Marleen Gorris Trilogy: A QUESTION OF SILENCE, BROKEN MIRRORS, THE LAST ISLAND, the first film will come out theatrically and on video June 2023.

We will release Just Jaeckin’s THE LAST ROMANTIC LOVER from a new 4K transfer on Blu-ray & DVD October 25, 2022, for which we had interviewed Just Jaeckin in 2020 and star Dayle Haddon this year. Latest news: we have finally gotten permission from the Estate of Serge Gainsbourg and will re-issue MADAME CLAUDE on […]

Cult Epics will release the Dutch cult classic Naked over the Fence (Naakt over de Schutting) August 23, 2022, which stars Sylvia Kristel along Rijk de Gooyer, Jon Bluming, Jennifer Willems. 2 Disc Limited Edition with CD soundtrack by Ruud Bos available.

We hereby notify everyone that there have been a few cases so far that the Frontier Records OTOP album one in the box set is a different album, please contact us for a replacement if that is the case.

The Book has been printed and we awaiting shipping info from Hong Kong. Expected delivery April 2022.

Printed a new hardcover book of Christian Death: Only Theatre of Pain 1981-1982 Photography by Edward Colver, 220 Pages, over 300 images, featuring interviews with photographer and band members, and others, edited by Nico B. Release January 2022, available to Pre-order November 2021 on this website.

Coming in 2021 the controversial subversive films of Dutch female director Nouchka van Brakel; A Woman like Eve (starring Monique van de Ven & Maria Schneider), The Debut (starring Marina de Graaf), The Cool Lakes of Death (starring Renee Soutendijk)