Frank & Eva / Pim de la Parra



Frank & Eva: Living Apart Together

Frank (Blue Movie’s Hugo Metsers) and Eva (The Lift’s Willeke van Ammelrooy) cannot live with or without each other. In the liberal 1970s, Frank sleeps with every woman he can get. Eva, meanwhile, is looking for more security and wants to start a family. Frank’s behavior frustrates her so much that she starts an affair with their mutual friend. This social drama offers a view on relationships not much different than today. For Sylvia Kristel (her debut prior to Emmanuelle), a special role was written after she said to Pim de la Parra, “Why won’t you discover me? I’m the best.”

Frank & Eva is the second artsploitation film by director Pim de la Parra, after he produced Blue Movie with his partner Wim Verstappen. Cult Epics presents its worldwide premiere on Blu-ray & DVD, in High-definition with extensive bonus features.

Cult Epics website Exclusive: Frank & Eva SYLVIA KRISTEL (Japanese poster art) SLIPCASE (Limited numbered edition of 500 printed with Blu-ray/DVD Combo) Region free. Also available with Pim de la Parra’s Obsessions (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)


Special Features

  • Blu-ray/DVD Combo
  • New High-definition transfer
  • Audio Commentary by Pim de la Parra (2018)
  • Up Front & Naked: Sex in Dutch films (2017) featurette with Willeke van Ammelrooy a.o.
  • Frank & Eva Poster & Photo Gallery
  • Sylvia Kristel Film Poster Gallery
  • Original Theatrical Trailers
  • Limited Edition Slipcase

Technical Specs

Netherlands / 1973 / Color / Approx. 97 Minutes / Dutch Language with optional English subtitles / Aspect Ratio 1.33:1 / Dolby Digital dual Mono

Frank & Eva (Blu-ray/DVD Combo) + Limited Edition Slipcase with Obsessions (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)


“I thoroughly enjoyed it and consider it one of my best discoveries from recent years.” VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED –

“Kristel does make a pretty indelible impression here, both in her one big nude shower scene and executing a wonderfully sexy and funny pool game without removing a stitch of clothing.” –Mondo Digital

“Fans are well served by this release of an essential piece of Dutch cinema.” –Zekefilm

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Blu-Ray + Slipcase

Frank & Eva
Release Date: 06.05.18
CE157 / SRP $34.95


Blu-Ray + Obsessions

Frank & Eva - Blu-Ray + Obsessions
Release Date: 05.24.18
CE157 + CE151 / SRP $60


Frank & Eva - DIGITAL