Manson Family Movies / John Aes-Nihil


“Manson Family Movies is a primitive, obsessional, fetishistic tribute to mayhem, murder and madness. Enough to appall even the most jaded video junkie… The home movie effect really added to it. Attention to fetishy detail was really astounding – Abigal’s scarf, Tex’s gun, plus Sadie, Tex and G. Spahn looked more like the originals than Helter Skelter. Very rude – all the rumors, MDA deal, Leno the bookie, Tate S&M… I liked the Valley of the Dolls touch. The most oscure was Leno’s vacation – I had never even imagined those sights.” – John Waters

Special Features

  • Director’s Commentary Track
  • Outtakes with Director’s Commentary
  • Last Interview with Charles Manson (30 min.)
  • The Original LAPD Murder Photos
  • Original Charles Manson Artwork

Technical Specs

USA / 1974-1979 / 88 Minutes / English / Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo / Aspect Ratio 1.33:1 / Color


Manson Family Movies
Release Date: 07.26.05
CE032 / SRP $29.95