Bettie Page Puzzle / Bunny Yeager


Our BETTIE PAGE jigsaw puzzle is 1000 pieces of vintage exotica. Cult Epics collaboration with Messed up Puzzles is the first in a series that will showcase both the naughty and the nice aspects of the Queen of Pin-ups, in that Messed Up fashion that you’ve come to expect from their horror titles. Warning: Assembling this puzzle may result in the sudden impulse to domesticate a cheetah and/or give yourself bangs.

Technical Specs

USA / 1954 / Colorized photo by Bunny Yeager / 1000 Pieces

Shipping: US Priority $7.25 . Canada $25.00 . Rest of the World $35.00

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Bettie Page Puzzle

Bettie Page Puzzle
Release Date: 12.07.20
CP009 / SRP $30.00