Vintage Erotica Anno 1960 / Various


Cult Epics is delighted to present this compilation in its series of Vintage Erotic Films. Shortly before the rise of mainstream pornography in the USA, the French and other Europeans produced a series of erotic loops for the theatres with a feeling of private and sleazy allure.

The 1960s was a new period in music, fashion and film, which transcends to these erotic timepieces. This DVD shows a variety of amateur footage of sexual interaction between couples, groups, lesbians, hipsters and mods, offering a stimulating visual experience.

Special Features

  • XXX Rated
  • Featuring Psychedelic, Kitsch Soundtrack
  • 1940 Unreleased Bonus Film
  • Photo Gallery 1960

Technical Specs

France / 1960-1970 / 105 Minutes / Music Soundtrack   / Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo / Aspect Ratio 1.33:1 / B&W


“The sex in each short looks really good as the action is shown from various angles and not done from one or two set ups like many of these 16mm sex loops.” 10K Bullets


Vintage Erotica Anno 1960
Release Date: 09.25.07
CE056 / SRP $24.95