The Art of Rozz Williams – From Christian Death to Death / Nico B



THE ART OF ROZZ WILLIAMS – FROM CHRISTIAN DEATH New revised Hardcover book, edited by Nico B. Limited Edition of 1000 copies only, includes Hardcover, fine binding with 8 extra pages includes updated discography, new art images and foreword by Rikk Agnew. The book features the work of the multi talented artist ROZZ WILLIAMS including his musical career, outsider-art, poetry. Lyrics, discographies, performance history and photos of CHRISTIAN DEATH, SHADOW PROJECT, PREMATURE EJACULATION, ROZZ WILLIAMS solo work (featuring GITANE DEMONE among others) and PIG. 256 Pages with over 200 images.

“Rozz Williams was a truly unique human being. Rozz was an artistic genius who wasn’t afraid to take chances in life through music and art. He was one of the pioneering artists in the musical sub-genre known as Death Rock, and he used that as a springboard to strike out in a multitude of directions, electronic music, spoken word, visual arts, and hard rock. His impact on the musical scene was far reaching and his influence can be seen and heard in the work of many other artists. Despite all of his creative abilities, I can’t help but remember a man who had a wonderful sense of humor that will go unmatched in my lifetime.” -Peter Heur, Triple X Records

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  • ISBN-13: 9780692787427
  • Publication Year: 2017
  • Language: English


The Art of Rozz Williams – From Christian Death to Death
Release Date: 10.06.17
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