Gitane Demone – Life After Death / Nico B


“Gitane’s unique voice moves effortlessly from innocence to torrid sensuality, from seduction to bitterly defiant survival.” – Althea Morin, Seconds Magazine

“Bluesy but experimental, warm, sinister… Madonna would love to be as intriguing as Gitane Demone.” – Organ Magazine, UK

“Chanteuse de gloom and kink Gitane Demone trick ‘O’ treats the new generation of throckers to her ethereal vocalizations. An Avant-Gardist, her roots in free jazz spill into everything.” – Ron Athey, LA Weekly


Regarded by journalists as “Madonna’s naughtier underground cousin” for her blond bombshell looks and penchant for erotic/fetish dress and lyricism. Gitane Demone has always been acclaimed worldwide for her stylistic, jazzy vocals and songwriting skills. After leaving the group Christian Death in 1989 Gitane pursued her own career. This rare footage (1989-1998) featured on Gitane’s first official DVD release, covers live concerts throughout Europe, fetish performances for DeMask and Skin Two, Television Interviews, and live duets with long-time collaborator Rozz Williams (Christian Death).

Special Features

  • 3 Disc Limited Edition Digipack
  • Limited Edition of 2500 copies includes the Bonus CD “Times of Gitane Demone” featuring never-before-released Cover Songs.
  • Booklet includes personal memoirs penned by Gitane Demone
  • VPRO, Dutch Television 1991
  • Mazzo, Amsterdam, Holland 1989
  • AT5, Dutch Television 1992
  • VPRO Radio, Holland 1993
  • ISC Club, Bern, Switzerland 1993
  • Indie Tour, Querfurt, Germany 1995
  • A Heavenly Melancholy video clip 1991
  • Skin Two, UK 1992
  • Fetish Generation, Denmark 1995
  • Dream Home Heartache Tour featuring Rozz Williams
  • Christian Death featuring Rozz Williams and Gitane Demone, Astoria II, London, UK 1996
  • Kato, Berlin 1998

Technical Specs

USA / 1989-1998 / 240/50 Minutes / Music/English / Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo / Aspect Ratio 1.33:1 / Color/B&W


“As both primer for the uninitiated and souvenir for the faithful, Life After Death is a welcome overview of Gitane Demone’s multifaceted musical existence.” DVD Talk


Gitane Demone – Life After Death
Release Date: 11.18.08
CE067 / SRP $34.95



Gitane Demone – Life After Death - DIGITAL
Release Date: 05.13.16