The Fernando Arrabal Collection 2 / Fernando Arrabal



3 Disc Deluxe Box Set features Car Cemetery, The Emperor of Peru, Farewell, Babylon!, Borges, A Life in Poetry, Arrabal, Panik Cineast. Limited numbered Edition of 2000 copies.

Disc 1
Car Cemetery (Le Cimitiére des Voitures) 1983
Combining punk rock and post-apocalyptic mayhem, Arrabal’s outrageous adaptation of his infamous 1958 stage play is a gallows-humor romp in a wretched dystopia. A raucous and absurd retelling of the Christ story with thugs, murderers, pimps and punks. Car Cemetery is one of Fernando Arrabal’s most rare and wanted films.

Disc 2
The Emperor of Peru (L’Empereur du Pérou) 1982
A charming and phantasmagoric children’s film, The Emperor of Peru stars Mickey Rooney. Rarely seen outside of a brief theatrical run and a long out-of-print videocassette release, The Emperor of Peru returns to thrill families and art film buffs alike.

Disc 3
Farewell, Babylon! (Adieu, Babylon!) 1992
Arrabal’s 6th film is based on his 1969 novel of the same title and features Leila Fischer and Spike Lee.

Borges, A Life in Poetry (Jorge Luis Borges, Una vida de Poesia) 1998
A documentary film on one of Arrabal’s greatest influences, the Brazilian writer Jorge Luis Borges, featuring the last interview before his death.

Arrabal, Panik Cineast (Arrabal Cinéaste Panique) 2007
A documentary that captures the adventurous spirit and outrageous creations of Europe’s most infamous surrealist, Fernando Arrabal. Featuring Alejandro Jodorowsky.


  • Limited Edition Deluxe 3-Disc Box Set
  • New High Definition Transfers
  • Disc 1 & 2 Enhanced for 16×9 TV’s
  • New English Subtitle Translations for Each Film
  • Trailers

Technical Specs

France / 1983/1982/1992/1998/2007 / French Language with optional English Subtitles / Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo / Aspect Ratio 1.66:1/1.33:1 / Color


“Arrabal’s impressive and varied oeuvre is a testament to the man’s dedication to his vision in all its forms.” Shocking Image

“Cult Epics presents, Car Cemetery and The Emperor of Peru, in an anamorphic widescreen presentations that preserve their original aspect ratios.” 10K Bullets

“With THE FERNANDO ARRABAL COLLECTION 2, Cult Epics has assembled the remainder of the director’s works.” HK Film News


The Fernando Arrabal Collection 2
Release Date: 02.23.10
CE084 / SRP $59.95



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